5 Reasons Why Bingo is So Popular in the Philippines

5 Reasons Why Bingo Is So Popular In The Philippines

Bingo is a highly known game in the Philippines; it is part of the culture and is often played in "peryas." Peryas are held for a long week or month in preparation for the upcoming festival. Bingo is also played during funeral services to somehow ease the pain of the bereaved family and to raise money. Some play this game just for fun. If you are a local in the Philippines, you know for sure that our aunties and neighbors will play this during siesta time. The thrill of playing bingo is overflowing because the numbers and letters are picked randomly.

Here are 5 reasons why bingo is well-loved in online casinos in the Philippines.

  • 1. Community Game

    5 Reasons Why Bingo is So Popular in the Philippines

    Bingo is fun when played in a big crowd. We can say that it is a community game. When playing bingo, expect to see a long line of players, thick cards on the floor, colorful pebbles, and chalk. When the game begins, silence will take over, and you will only hear the master of the game announcing what letter and what number is picked, for example, “SA LETRANG B, 4 (KWATRO).”

    Filipinos are known to be hospitable and very warm when accepting visitors. When you get an invitation to play Bingo, it could be a sign that the community accepts you.

  • 2. Affordability

    Bingo is a cheap game. 50 pesos, or 1 dollar, is enough to have fun. The main reason why it is well-loved is because of its affordability. Anyone can play this game. That is why it is called a community game. Its affordability unites people, and it silently promotes harmonious relationships. Imagine that after a game, you could win and meet new friends.

  • 3. Prizes

    Do you know what the common prizes are in bingo? You will be shocked by home appliances, 1 sack of rice, grocery packages, and anything associated with food. Why food? Of course, food is a basic necessity. Filipinos prefer food as a prize rather than money because sometimes the game is held in barrios where the grocery store is 100 km away.

  • 4.Culture

    As I have written above, bingo is part of the culture, and yes, it is, and this game will forever be a favorite game, no matter how many centuries go by. Bingo brings people together; sometimes it is a way of addressing problems in the community. The shared laughs and memories people have during this game are priceless. This game was introduced during American colonization, and it now plays a big part in our culture.

  • 5.Easy Gameplay

    5 Reasons Why Bingo is So Popular in the Philippines

    Win in a very simple way: fill five tiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Yes, and it is important to listen to the announcer carefully. You might miss the winning piece. It is one of the reasons why people will choose bingo over any game; they can win in an easy way without spending tons of money and do not forget that the prizes are eye-catchers too. Remember to shout ‘BINGO’ when you fill the five tiles.


Culture is what makes a country alive, let us not forget that BINGO played an important role for Filipino families. If you want to experience this game, play at an online casino.

There are various reasons why Filipinos love this game. It unites people together by sharing laughs and stories; its affordability is still unparalleled if you are burnt out and looking for ways to unwind. Bingo is your go-to game. Prizes are one of the major reasons why Filipinos love bingo, grocery packages, and home appliances. Its easy gameplay will always be straightforward. Lastly, it is ingrained in every Filipino household that this game is part of the culture and will always hold a special memory for everyone.

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