PANALOBET Learn How To Play 3 Card Poker: Rules, Odds & Payouts

Learn How To Play 3 Card Poker: Rules, Odds & Payouts

It is a straightforward game famous for its big pay-out. If you are in Asia and want to wager on 3- card poker do not miss out Panalobet Casino the number one provider of classic and trendy online casino games. Casino Gaming Philippines has garnered recognition and is now popular for allowing players to make a bet using a little amount of 0.5 pesos. Its versatile feature, wide selection of games, payment methods and fast deposit and withdrawal stands out among international online casinos.

Let’s talk about 3-card poker rules to kick start your gambling journey. Safe to say that it’s a game of chance because we will never see beforehand what are the cards to be distributed to us, but then it is also a game of strategy because the player is given a chance to fold or continue the game.

3 Card Poker Rules

PANALOBET Learn How To Play 3 Card Poker: Rules, Odds & Payouts
  • 1. Ante Bet: It is a bet a player has to make prior to the game start. Before the game starts the player has to put a specific amount (bet).

  • 2. Deal: The participants of the games including the dealer are given 3 facedown cards.

  • 3. Decision Time: After looking and analyzing the cards given to each participants, it is now time to make a decision such as:

    - Fold: Player folds because they know the card on their hand is low cards, if a player folds his bet is forfeited.

    - Play: If the player is lucky enough and chooses to play it’s in the rule that the player must place the same amount as ante bet.

  • 4. Dealer Reveals Hand: Once the decision is made the dealer will now reveal the card in his hand this is where the game becomes even more exciting. If the dealer has high cards or low cards.

  • 5. Dealer Qualification: Dealer must have a queen card in his hand or higher face card to qualify or to defeat the other participants.

  • 6. Card Comparison: If the dealer has high-cards and it qualifies all players’ hands will be compared to the dealer to visibly identify if they lose or win.
    If the Dealer hand has a higher card the player loses all the bets. But,if the player card is much higher than the dealer's, the player wins all bets, the ante and play bets. You might be confused what the high-cards, the Aces, Queens and Kings are. These are the cards you must have when playing three card poker.

  • 7. Push Bet: If there is no winner the player's bet will be given back.

  • 8. Bonus Payouts: Casinos like Panalobet Online Casino offer generous payouts for straight flush or three of a kind.


The odds in Three Card Poker vary depending on the hand being played and the casino's specific rules. Generally, the odds of being dealt specific hands are as follows:

-Straight Flush: Approximately 0.22%

-Three of a Kind: Approximately 0.24%

-Straight: Approximately 3.26%

-Flush: Approximately 4.96%

-Pair: Approximately 16.94%

-High Card: Approximately 74.39%

PANALOBET Learn How To Play 3 Card Poker: Rules, Odds & Payouts


Payouts may vary, best to read and ask the game provider of casino dealer of the payouts before the game starts or before you participate.

  • • If the player is fortunate enough to win the game, they will receive winning from both the ante and play bets.

  • • If the dealer wins and beat the players card the dealer wins all the money and the player lose both bets.

  • • If the player and dealers are unfortunate to win the bet is pushed, meaning player bets will be retained.

Payouts for the Pair Plus side. Common payouts include:

- Pair: 1 to 1

- Flush: 4 to 1

- Straight: 6 to 1

- Three of a Kind: 30 to 1

- Straight Flush: 40 to 1


Three Card Poker is a straightforward game, highest payout is attainable if you understand the game rules, odds and payouts. Rules vary from places you choose to play this game if you are playing in an online casino, best to read and understand the terms and conditions if you are playing in a physical casino, best to ask the dealer and listen to dealers instructions for a successful and extraordinary game experience.

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